G9 E-learning B

Dear all,

Welcome back. 👋 I will be posting here the information for criteria B, so it is easier for you to find.

Class 13 (9N 27th March / 9L, 9M 8th April/ 9K 9th April)

This is the last class before uploading the summative, so we will have a live lesson where I will introduce B4 and what you are supposed to do there, and then have one-to-one sessions with each of you so you can ask me any questions about B or the resubmission of A. Please check MB for the exact time when I will call you.

The rest of the time you will  be able to:

  • finish your 2 comments to classmates on seesaw
  • Finish B3: choosing the best idea and justifying why
  • make the improvements to the best design indicating sizes and materials (B4)

And this is will be the end of B. The expectations of B4 are lower than in a normal Design Cycle due to the circumstances. Please pay attention to the instructions because we are dropping significant strands in C to make the process smoother.

Class 12 (9N, 9K 24th March / 9L 25th March/ 9M 27th March)

Last class before the break, you are going to decide what game you would  like to make in C.

Task 8: Choosing the best idea, B3

Because our circumstances are quite different  this time, your B3 is going to base on the table (you will compare your ideas to the specifications) and also to the comments you receive from your classmates.

Fill in the table with the specifications you wrote in B1 and check how your games follow them. But what we are more interested in is in how you justify your choice. Try to learn from the comments of your classmates and list any things you will need to reconsider.

You don´t need to write a lot (200 words) try to be concise and refer back to the specifications you covered, the ones you did not and how you plan to modify your game to solve  it.

Task 9: Coming up with a final  design

We are going to introduce this today and we will use next class (class 13) to continue this task. If you have questions about this, you will be able to ask them to me in the online session in class 13.

Once you have decided what game you will make, it is time to revisit the sketch and add some more information:

  • sizes
  • materials
  • colors

Also  it is an opportunity to start taking  the design further by drawing the pieces in more detail. For example, if you are doing a board game, you could start drawing the board in more detail, with colors. You can use Illustrator for that. If you are doing a videogame, you could start on it and include here some screen shots.

Finally, in order to be able to plan for C, please list any materials you think you will need so you can start ordering them now, and they arrive right after the break for you to use.

And this is all for today. Please check MB for the date when Criteria B is due and the resubmission for A.

Class 11 (9N 19th March / 9K 20th March/ 9L 23th March/ 9M 23th March)

Only a few days to the break, so it is one last strech. I know it is hard but we are almost there. Today is going to be a day to catch up since so many of you were asking for an extension.

Task 6: Read this post before joining the online session

This way you will be able to ask  questions if some  of the instructions are  not clear:

Online session times during class  11:

9N on Day D.  Thursday 19th March. 10 to 10:30

9K on Day E. Friday 20th from 10 to 10:30

9M on Day F. Monday the 23rd from 8:30 to 9

9L on Day F. Monday 23rd from 12 to 12:30

Task 7: Upload your 4 ideas to Seesaw

Please take half of the class to upload your 4 ideas to Seesaw (to your class and not to the general grade 9s) so we can give you comments.

The ATL for this unit is Creative Thinking, Coming up with Ideas. So your ATL grade on Term 3 report will be based partly on the ideas shared here.

Task 8: Give comments to 2 classmates on Seesaw

In order to give meaningful comments try to consider the following things when writing your comment.

  1. Is it clear the one thing he/she wants to teach?
  2. Can you understand how to play the 4 games? If not, comment on what you cannot understand (so he can make improvements)
  3. Do you have any ideas he/she could benefit from?
  4. Do you have a favorite out of the 4? which one? why?

And that is all for today. Next class we will try to choose the best one based on the specification and your classmates comments.

Class 9 (9N, 9M 11th March / 9K 12th March/ 9M, 9L 13th March)

Class 10 (9N 16th March / 9K 16th March/ 9L 17th March/ 9M 19th March)

Today we are going to start with an online session where I am going to present you with the next steps for the project so you  can spend Class 9 and Class 10 thinking, sketching and taking pictures without having to be in front of the computer.

Unplug for a bit. It has already been 5 weeks of online learning and I realize that you need a screen break. So I will be quick.

Task 2: Read this post before joining the online session

This way you will be able to ask  questions if some  of the instructions are  not clear:

Online session times during class  9:

9N on Day D.  Wednesday 11th from 8:30 to 9:00

9K on Day E. Thursday 12th from 10 to 10:30

9M on Day F. Friday 13th from 8:30 to 9

9L on Day F. Friday 13th from 12 to 12:30

Task 3: Start developing ideas

During the next 180 minutes you are expected to develop ideas for your games.

  1. Decide on what kind of game you want to make (board game, videogame, card game, etc) and try to develop ideas for this kind of game
  2. Write in one sentence what do you want to teach the kids with this game.
  3. You can make small sketches such as a brainstorming, or go directly to the 4 big ones. It is up to you.

Task 4: Draw 4 options. One per page. With annotations.

Choose 4 ideas for the game and draw them big. The drawing can be really simple, like the examples below, but clear.

You will need to annotate (adding little descriptions on color, material, function, etc).  Annotations cannot be more than  10 words each.

Task 5: Upload your 4 ideas to Seesaw

At the end of class 10 please upload your 4 ideas to Seesaw (to your class and not to the general grade 9s) so we can give you comments.

And this is it for 2 classes. Please make sure to get some time away from the computer to develop your ideas. If you need one more session to work on this please let me know. Thanks

Class 8 (9N, 9K 5th March / 9L 9th March/ 9M 11th March)

Today we are going to start working on B. We need to start going from the success criteria in A4 (what our games should have based on what we learned on the research), both through the inquiry questions and after looking at other games) to simple bullet points so we can check our ideas.

Please go to files to find the tasksheet for B.

Even though you uploaded A already, now it is a good time to check how you did it. Can you write concise specifications from your research or you were writing a lot of blah, blah, blah. Remember that you will have the chance to resubmit A, so if you think you can improve this, please do it.

The only purpose of the research was to help you decide what your games should have or what are the things you need to consider when designing this toys.

Task 1

Fill in this table in a very concise way. You can use bullet points or simple sentences. In the left column you will write what your photos need to have, in the right column you will indicate how do you know? where did you find that information.

ex. My game will be include bold graphics as colors as UNO has because it will be appealing for primary kids.  // UNO was the 2nd toy I investigated in A3

This is the table we will complete:

Please check these examples to get a better idea on how concise you should be writing.

And we are going to leave it here for today. Please send me any questions you have by email. I will be grading your As in the next few days.

Thanks and see you soon!