G8 Power of Expression A

Welcome to our second unit:

Class 9 (8K March 23rd, 8P&8Q March 24th)

1. Checking your Appendix comments on MB

At this point you should be done with the 5-6 questions you completed in the appendix. You can check the comments in MB.


  • the questions need to be helping you create a good piece
  • all need MLA citations (easybib.com)
  • you need AT LEAST 1 primary source

2. Writing your research into the Design brief, A4

Now that you have completed the research, you need to write in one page what you are planning on doing in this unit. So, we are rewriting A1 but incorporating all the research we have done. By research we mean:

  • the justification in A1
  • the research in the appendix following the research plan, A2
  • the research you did by analysing other awareness campaigns, A3

Now it is the time to make sense of it all. After we read your Design brief we should know:

  • WHAT: kind of piece you are going to make (2D: photo, poster, illustration or 3D: recycled sculpture, clay sculpture, 3D printed model)
  • what materials you are planning on using or what tools or skills you have learned during your research that will guide you.
  • WHY: the topic you are trying to raise awareness about, include any data and tell us why you chose this one
  • WHO: is your audience and provide any research you have done about your audience
  • HOW: where are you going to present the piece.
  • IDU: mention how this is an IDU and what that means.

In order to help you, I created this table to help you organize the paragraphs. If you don’t need the table, please don’t use it. But do not write more than one page.

Remember you are not going to get graded on how well you answer your research questions (in the appendix) but on how well you use them to write a concise but deep design brief. Your design brief should be organized in 4 paragraphs and should not be more than a page, or a page and a half.

Refer to this to write your design brief. You can use the table or write paragraphs, however you prefer:

To get 7-8 you need to develop a design brief which presents the analysis of the research. What that means is that when you write your sentences you need to say what you are planning on doing and  why, based on what you learned on your research.

These are some examples I gave in my grade 8 class:

I am going to make a 3D sculpture using recyclable materials. According to my research on Sciencing.com “List of materials that are recyclable” I am planning on using newspapers, paper and cardboard, since they are easy to recycle after the exhibit is done.

My piece is going to raise awareness about the pollution in Beijing. According to the Ohio State Press books, Beijing has one of the worst air-pollution worldwide and “The number of motor vehicles on Beijing’s roads has doubled to 3.3 million with nearly 1200 added each day. Emissions from motorized vehicles contribute to nearly 70% of the city’s air pollution. The four most dangerous pollutants that are emitted include: sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and particulate matter (e.g. PM10). With my piece and my poem I plan on raising awareness about how our transportation decisions affect our city air, and try convince people to use public transportation.

3. There is no checkpoint for A4, only oral comments

The feedback to your A2 and appendix should be enough to let you know if you are on track, but if you need more support please call me during class or ARE.

4. Summative A

As you can see on Managebac, the final summative A is due at the beginning of next class, please come ready to upload. There will be no resubmission for Criteria A.  Your grade will be posted on the Term 3 report.

Class 8 (8P March 18th, 8Q&8K March 19th)

1. Continue working on your research

At the beginning of the class you should have completed 3 questions on the appendix, use the rest of the class to complete the rest.

2. Upload to Managebac your Appendix

I will check that you completed your research and are ready to work on the Design brief (A4) next class. A4 will be the last task and we will upload the summative right after.

3. Finishing up A1,A2,A3

Make sure you have finished and are clear about the 3 first tasks. Ask me any questions you may have since we will be uploading soon. Oral comments during class or ARE.

Class 7 (8K March 15th, 8P&8Q March 16th)

1. Check comments on MB to A2

Please read your comments to your questions/sources. You need 5-6 approved questions to start doing your research. Remember 2 things:

  • The research needs to be done on another file: the Appendix
  • Please don’t spend more than 15 minutes per research question. At the end of this class you should have research 3 questions, so you can finish next class.

2. Spend today the class researching the 3 more important questions

Write your findings in the appendix, in your own words. Please do not copy and paste. Include any graphics or images that help your research.

Cite your sources using MLA. Go here to easybib if you need help.

3. Research and A4

As you know, you are not getting graded for your reserach (that is why. it is not part of the summative), what you are getting graded on is how well you bring your research into your Design brief. How you explain what you are going to do with what you have learned.

You can be working on both together.

4. Next class: Research 2/2

Next class we will continue with the research and you will be asked to upload your Appendix at the end of the class to check that you have completed all your research and your questions and sources are meaningful.

If you have not completed 3 questions by the end of the class, please finish them as homework. Summative A deadline is coming soon, so please start finishing all the parts you will need. So far we have done A1, A2 and A3.

Class 6 (8P March 10th, 8Q&8K March 11th)

1. Check comments on MB

So far we had a few checkpoints, half our summative A. What is important:

  • you did your small 2D/3D piece about and emotion and got at least 2 classmates comments. This will be your grade on the 3rd term report based on your ATL: giving and receiving comments
  • A1 updated with the topic you chose in Chinese Class
  • A3 you analysed 3 social awareness campaign to get inspired

If at this point you are behind in any of these things and we think you are behind, we will invite you to spend more time on this during Learning Lab. Mr Hervé will arrange it with you so you can work around your KAP commitments.

2. ATL giving and receiving feedback

Reminder: your grade for the term 3 report is going to based on this. Please write down 2 comments from your classmates on your piece. Remember not to explain to them what your piece means.

3. Inquiry questions

Now you have a topic, you know that you will have to create a 2D or 3D piece, now it is time to start thinking about the things in this unit to be able to make this piece.

Remember: good inquiry questions are open. They are not yes/no answers.

Let’s go to menti.com to write some questions together.

4. Selecting your questions 

Now, it is the time to select your 5-6 questions. Make sure you cover different areas of research. Ideally you would have one question per area. Minimum you should have at least 4 areas of these below:

Area 1:  Understanding the terms in the design task. Questions such as: what is an exhibit? , what makes an awareness campaign successful?

Area 2: How to make your 2D or 3D piece. Once you have selected what you would like to make, you can have any question to help you. If you are making a 2D piece you could have question such as: What makes a good composition? (check this link) Or if you are taking pictures: how does the camera in my phone works? or what makes a great picture?

Area 3: Audience. What do the Keystone Community know about your topic? Any research or quick interview to the members of the community could help you.

Area 4: perspective. (our related concept) How to make your work unique? How do authors incorporate their point of view into their work? 

Area 5: Making. Think about what you would like to do. For example, if you want to do a collection of online pictures: How to make an online portfolio using sway? (this link) or id you want to use the 3D printer to make your piece: How can I use the 3D printer?

Area 6: IDU. Any questions related to the fact that this is an IDU (interdisciplinary unit) combining Language Literature and Design. How important are multiple points of view to arrive at an understanding?

5. Writing the research plan, A2

Once you have selected your questions, it is time to bring them into the research plan.

What to write in each column:

1. Write the 5-6 questions you chose to investigate for your project.

2. What area? (see the areas in blue above: design task, audience, making…)

3. Indicate order of importance: 1 (most important) – 6 (less important)

4. Why is it important to research this? Explain briefly

5. Is it primary or secondary research?

6. Where are you going to find the answer? Write the name of the person, the book, the website…

7. Why does this source (person, book, website) is good? How do they know the answer? Why are they reliable?

6. Upload to Managebac so I will check your research plan before you start doing the research.

You will upload A2 at the end of the class and I will make sure you are not spending a lot of time on questions or sources that are not going to be useful for you.

Class 5 (8K March 5th, 8P&8Q March 8th)

1. Time to finish working on A3

Use the 80 minutes to finish working on analysing the campaigns.

Class 4 (8K March 2nd, 8P&8Q March 3rd) 

1. Comments to your checkpoint

Please find comments on MB during the class today and ask any thing that you don’t understand.

2. Getting inspired by other campaigns to raise awareness about a topic

We are going to spend some time having a look at different ways to raise awareness about a topic. I collected some in this link, here.

You can also see some CAS activities organized by DP students at Keystone, here. 

Also you can go through this link here.

3. Choosing 3 and start to analyse them on A3

Please choose 3 and analyse them on A3 following ACCESSFM.

You will be able to finish next class and upload at the end of the class for our next checkpoint.

Class 3 (8Q, 8K Jan 29th, 8P Jan 3rd) 

1. Formative Task Peer Feedback (ATL – Giving and receiving meaningful feedback)

You are going to share with 2 classmates your creation. We are going to break into smaller groups: Group 1 to 6.

Share the piece with 2 classmates and see how they react to the piece (5 minutes per person)

  • What is the concept you are communicating?
  • Any improvements or suggestions they have so you could communicate it better?

Take notes since you will need to include them into your document.

2. Extracting the GRASPS from the Design task

Design Task:

You will choose a social or environmental issue in your Language and Literature class, which you will write a poem about. As a designer, your goal is to design and create either a 2D or a 3D piece to raise awareness about the issue you chose in your LL course. You will decide whether your product will be a 3D object, or a 2D one, and then which tools and processes you will need to create your final piece. You will display both your poem and your piece in a school organised exhibition. You will achieve success if you raise awareness about your topic. The audience at this exhibition will be members of the Keystone community.

3. Making sense of everything we have done so far: A1 Explain (max 200 words)

  • what are we making in this unit
  • what topic you would like to choose (if you already chose in LL use the same)
  • mention the audience

Justify  (max 200 words)

  • why it is important to raise awareness about this issue (provide data and source)

4. Upload at the end of the class to MB

Attendance will be taken based on if you used the class to work on this and upload at the end of the class.

Class 2 (8K Jan 25th, 8P and 8Q Jan 26th) 

Formative Task

You are going to use one class (80 minutes) choosing one of the elements that you love, that you hate or the issues surrounding your city. Thinking about the emotion that topic brings to you. How can you represent that emotion?

For example: these are 2 ways to express anger: one painting and one scultpture

Use the 80 minutes to create a piece (2D or 3D) explaining that feeling. It can be a poster calling to action, a drawing, a little sculpture, a picture, whatever you think can express your feelings. Do not use any words. Finish it before next class since you will need it then.

If you want to get any pictures to include in your piece, you can go to these websites that offer free licence (free to use) images:

  • Pexels is a platform that collects videos from different sites.
  • Pixabay is a large free-stock website.
  • Distill is another one
  • Videvo is a creative commons license one
  • Unsplash is a website that offers free license pictures.

Class 1 (8P Jan 20th, 8Q&8K Jan 21st) 

Task 1. Check grades for A, B, C, D

Your grades for A, B, C and D are final at this point. Check your grades and let me know if something is missing.

Important announcement: No more resubmissions

In this unit, since you already know the Design cycle, deadlines will be followed. Please upload work every time there is a checkpoint. You will get formative comments there before you upload to the summative

Task 2. Global context: Personal expression (30 minutes)

Task 3. Social and environmental issues in your community/location (30 min)

Picture source.