Social Awareness Campaigns

1. UN Women. Raising awareness about sexism

This campaign focuses Google search engine to dinish the sentences “Women should…” or “Women need to …” and how the autocomplete results raise awareness of the kind of sexism that is still alive. (Created by  Ogilvy & Mather Dubai )

2. Raising awareness about the consequences of buying exotic animals

Lowe Warsaw created this visually shocking campaign for WWF.

3. Raising awareness about our sugar intake.

This is a project by a Spanish photographer on the amount of sugar we consume.

4. Black Lives matter

The work of Kara Walker is a beautiful depiction of the sadness and violence of a race.

Mallence Bart-Williams on why the richest and more beautiful nations in the world are dependent on other nations.

The website to join the Movement to fight for Freedom, Liberation and Justice.

5. Raising awareness about Child Labour

6. Raising awareness about Domestic Violence

And… raising awareness about domestic abuse during Covid:

The Canadian Women foundation launched this campaign of hand signals in video calls to show you need help.


Line: Your Skin Color Shouldn’t Dictate Your Future

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France