G9 E-learning C

Dear all,

Welcome back. Today we  are going to continue exploring your ideas so you can have a clear idea of what you want to make before start the progress.

Class 21 (9M, 9L 13th May, 9N, 9K 14th May)

Since we simplified C, it only has 2 parts now.

C1 is a collection of pictures of your final prototype. Make sure all the pieces you need to play the game are included.

C2. You will need to describe the changes made during the making process. From the video you uploaded in Seesaw in C0 to your final prototype. Please do not start writing C2 until you have a final protoype. You can make notes of changes on the process but to evaluate which ones are the most important you need to wait to the end.

To get 7-8 in Task C2 you need to fully justify changes made to your chosen design while making the solution.

How to do this? You need to list the changes made (4-5) explain why you made the change and describe what happened to your overall project/prototype after you made that change.

example. 1. I changed the material in my prototype. Initially I was thinking of using regular paper and laminating it, but laminating is plastic and it is a non biodegradable material and the purpose of the game is to teach kids about how to contribute to more suistainable practices and my material choice was not doing that. So I decided to change it for cardstock instead. The cards are less resistant now, but they also seem to be telling the students to take care of them, as they should be doing with nature. I also decided to add a box to protect them.

In C2 you can talk of the changes you made and also of changes you thought about but did not end up making. You will need to explain why you decided not to make them.

Remember that not having any changes is not a good thing. If you are thinking through the making process, you will come up with lots of ideas of things that you could change, so this is the time to show us that thinking.

Please call me or email me with any questions. See you next class!

Class 16 (9N&9K 17th April, 9L 20th April, 9M 22nd April)

In order to do that we will do a Critique session. They are very important in Design. Sharing your ideas and listening to what other people think about yours is a good way to improve your designs. We will do this today, online!

Task 2

I broke you into groups based on what you are making : toys, card games, board games, video games. If you talk to people doing the same kind of game, it may give you ideas on how you could think about the making process. Also consider that you may use the facilities in the school (before- by sending emails to our TAs there) or after we open on May 11th.

Watch the one minute videos of the members of your group and join your teacher on the online discussion about your ideas. Remember that the purpose of this critique is to make your ideas better, so please be considerate and nice when expressing your thoughts.

Dear all,

Here we are starting the making process.

Class 15 

Please pay attention to the new files on MB: task sheet and the rubric on the expectations for this criteria. We are simplifying the writing work so you can really spend your time making your games.

Task 1

In the last live class I noticed it was easier for you to explain your games than to try to write about them. So, our first activity will be to create a 1 minute video explaining your game.

Please make sure to cover the following points:

  • what do you want the kids to learn
  • how to play the game
  • how to end the game/ who wins
  • how many parts or pieces you need to make

Please upload by the end of this class. This will mark your attendance.