G9 Game on! C

Class 23 (9N May 25th, 9O&9L May 26th, 9Q May 27th)

1. Finish making 6/6

Last class to work on your piece

2. The rubric for C

C1. clear plan. fill in the right columns for progress and changes

C2+C3 pictures of all the pieces made. take some close up pictures so I can appreciate your cutting and glueing skills.

C4. 4-5 changes to the plan AND the design, explaining why. (example on class 22 point 3)

3. Upload before the end of the class

No extensions unfortunately, we will start D next class.

Class 22 (9N May 20th, 9O&9Q May 21st, 9L May 24th)

1. Continue making 5/6

Remember to check the plan at the beginning and at the end of each class. Take notes of changes since you will need them for C4.

2. Picture of process

We will ask you to upload a picture of your piece at the end of the class to see your progress. Please notice we only have 1 class left. If you are behind, please catch up as homework. Next class you will need some time to take final pictures of your piece as well as to finish writing C4 before you upload before the end of the class.

3. Changes C4

To get 7-8 in Task C4 you need to fully justify changes made to your chosen design while making the solution.

How to do this? You need to list the changes made (4-5) explain why you made the change and describe what happened to your overall project/prototype after you made that change.

example. 1. I changed the material in my prototype. Initially I was thinking of using regular paper and laminating it, but laminating is plastic and it is a non biodegradable material and the purpose of the game is to teach kids about how to contribute to more suistainable practices and my material choice was not doing that. So I decided to change it for cardstock instead. The cards are less resistant now, but they also seem to be telling the students to take care of them, as they should be doing with nature. I also decided to add a box to protect them.

In C4 you can talk of the changes you made and also of changes you thought about but did not end up making. You will need to explain why you decided not to make them.

Remember that not having any changes is not a good thing. If you are thinking through the making process, you will come up with lots of ideas of things that you could change, so this is the time to show us that thinking.

Class 21 (9N May 17th, 9O & 9L May 21st)

1. Continue making 4/6

Remember to check the plan at the beginning and at the end of each class. Take notes of changes since you will need them for C4.

2. Delay in the 3D printer meeting invite

One of our technicians is sick so we had to hire a new one to cover, it is taking a bit of time to get him ready, so please be patient. You can write this as a CHANGE in your plan. Often things do not go as planned and we need to adapt.

3. Name on the board

We will continue with the name on the board to call me.

Class 20 (9N May 12th, 9O & 9Q May 13th, 9L May 14th)

1. Grades for A and B

Grades for A and B should be final now, if I miss anything or something is off please let me know.

2. Rubric

Looking and finding the rubric for C and where to find it on MB

3. The call system (no more Teams chatting)

We will move on from Teams chats into one to one calls. Write your name on the board. It will take 2 sessions to go through the whole class. Let’s respect the ones that did not receive comments last time. Let’s be aware of the length of our calls.

4. Making 3/6

Please use the time to make your game. Will be finalizing the list of 3D printing and sending the invitation out soon.

5. Plan

Remember to check the plan at the beginning and at the end of each class. Take notes of changes since you will need them for C4.

Class 19 (9N May 7th, 9O&9L May 10th, 9Q May 11th)

1. Check and print your plan (C1)

Make sure you included in your plan the use of 3D printers, laser cutters and the workshop, apart from all the materials you will need. Once you are done with it, make sure your plan is printed in front of you, so Mr Hervé can check easily if you are on task and help you with any issues you may have.

2. Including your B4 in your C document

To understand the plan I need to see the B4 again. If you had forgot it in the dorm and had a 0 on B4, this is the chance to include it here.

3. The start and the end of the class

Since you are driving the process, please start by checking your plan: what you are supposed to do today? and make sure you use the 80 minutes to do it. At the end of the class we will check the plan again to make sure you are on track or take notes of any changes to the design or to the plan.

4. Individual checkpoints

We will have individual calls as checkpoints. Notes will be taken on Managebac. Please be ready for these calls.

Class 18 (9N May 4th, 9O&9Q May 5th, 9L May 6th)

1. Timing for C

We will have 6 classes (480 minutes / 8 hours in class) to produce your game. Your summative will be due at the end of Class 6.

Since all your games are different, I will be checking with you, but you need to be the one driving the process, that is why it is so important to create a clear plan.

2. Starting on C

Once you know what you are going to do, you need to be able to communicate it to others and to make a plan so you will be able to finish it in the classes we have for this. In order to combine: what you need to do / how many classes you have / and what you will need, we need to create a production plan.

Important: if you need to go to the workshop you need to write it in the plan and let Mr. Hervé know one class in advance. You cannot say today I need the workshop. Since that requires a lot of planning in the teacher part to guarantee safety.

3. Why do we need a production plan?

The idea of the production plan is to share the steps with your team. Imagine if you were going to a workshop where a group of technicians need to help you produce your piece, you need to clearly tell them what do you want to do. Sometimes it is clear in our mind but not in paper. You need to provide “exact instructions” or ….. this is what happens.

4. Upload your “exact instructions”

Please upload your “exact instructions” at the end of the class: FORM Design C1.