G8 E-learning B

Dear all,

Welcome back. 👋 I will be posting here the information for criteria B, so it is easier for you to find.

Class 13 (9N 27th March / 9L, 9M 8th April/ 9K 9th April)

This is the last class before uploading the summative, so we will have a live lesson where I will introduce B3 and what you are supposed to do there, and then have one-to-one sessions with each of you so you can ask me any questions about B or the resubmission of A. Please check MB for the exact time when I will call you.

The rest of the time you will  be able to:

  • finish your 2 comments to classmates on seesaw
  • Finish B3: choosing the best idea and justifying why
  • understand that you DO NOT need to complete B4.

And this is will be the end of B. We are not completing B4 because we are going to lower the expectations of a normal Design Cycle due to the circumstances. Please pay attention to the instructions because we are dropping significant strands in C to make the process smoother.

Class 12 (8R 23th March / 8S 24th March/ 8Q 25th March)

Here we are, last 2 classes before the break. We will finish B and you will have a clear idea of the kind of pictures you want or need to take to finish your project.

Task 8: Upload to seesaw your 3  posters/explorations and give comments

Last class we asked you to upload your work to  Seesaw so that next class so we can give comments to each other to help choose the best direction.

Please give comments to 2 classmates, make sure they are different ones that the ones you gave comments to last time.

What do you need to say in the comments:

1. Out of the 3 posters, what exploration seems more interesting to you? Why?

2. Is the exploration unique? How so? Is anyone in the class doing something similar?

3. Any suggestions or comments to make this direction even better?

Task 9: B3. Choose and justify your selection

Please read through the comments your classmates gave you and also complete the table on B3. Check if the exploration you want to use follows the specifications you set, or if there is something you need to reconsider.

Check the specifications individually.

Once you have completed the table, please write 200 words explaining why you have choosen that exploration according to the specifications.

And that is all for today, please let me know if you have any questions.

Class 11 (8R 19th March / 8S 20th March/ 8Q 23rd March)

Today are going to be organizing the pictures we have taken so far (around 20 minimum) and continue thinking in your project based on the comments you got from your classmates.

Task 6: Read this post before joining the online session

This way you will be able to ask  questions if some  of the instructions are  not clear:

Online session times during class  11:

8R on Day D. Thursday 19th March from 13:20 to 13:45

8S on Day E. Friday 20th from 8:15 to 9:00

8Q on Day F. Monday 23th from 13:20 to 13:45

Task 7: Organizing your 3 explorations in 3 posters

Last class in task 5 you came up with 3 different ideas/explorations to develop your project, today we are going to create posters to express visually what this explorations mean.

I this posters (collages) you will:

  1. write just a bit (your idea). One sentence
  2.  mood board: the mood you are trying to communicate.  Include pictures  from  other people or  color  palettes you feel will help you.
  3.   include your pictures.  the one that fall in this exploration/idea

Looking your 3 posters we should have a clear idea of what 3 directions/exploratios or ideas you are planning on taking.

How to do that? These are some examples (please note these are from last year so the topic was different. In this case: living with pollution)

Exploration/idea 1:

Exploration/ Idea 2:

Exploration/ Idea 3:

Some examples of the posters from last year:

Or  from a different student:


You can see these and other examples to the student guide I just uploaded  to MB.

Task 8: Upload to seesaw your 3  posters/explorations

We will finish by uploading your work to  Seesaw so that next class (class 12) we can give comments to each other to help choose the best direction.

And that is all for today, please let me know if you have any questions.

Class 9 (8R 11th March / 8S 12th March/ 8Q 13th March)

Class 10 (8R 13th March / 8S 16th March/ 8Q 17th March)

Today we are going to start with an online session where I am going to present you with the next steps for the project so you  can spend Class 9 and Class 10 thinking, sketching and taking pictures without having to be in front of the computer.

Unplug for a bit. It has already been 5 weeks of online learning and I realize that you need a screen break. So I will be quick.

Task 2: Read this post before joining the online session

This way you will be able to ask  questions if some  of the instructions are  not clear:

Online session times during class  9:

8R on Day D.  Wednesday 11th from 13:20 to 13:45

8S on Day E. Thursday 12th from 8:30 to 9:00

8Q on Day F. Friday 13th from 13:20 to 13:45

Task 3: Upload your 2nd set of pictures to Seesaw

On class 5 you were uploading the first set (7-10 pictures) to Seesaw. Today you are expected to upload your new pictures so in total  you have at least 15 pictures.  If at this point you don’t  have 15 pictures, please stop  here and takes these pictures. If you have more, please upload them too.

Task 4: Give suggestions to your classmates

The ATL for this unit is Collaboration.  So you will be graded on how well you collaborate with your classmates during our online critique sessions. The grade  will appear in your Term 3 report.

Today you are going to collaborate again by choosing the work of 2 classmates (please chose different ones than last time) and by completing the sentence: I feel that your pictures are unique because …. 

Remember we are all trying to make our work unique, since we need to show our personal  perspective in the issue. So thinking about this when you are commenting on each other’s picture will  help you think about your own.

Task 5: B2.1

Once you have looked at your classmates pictures and given comments, start thinking about what makes you unique and what could make your pictures really different from the others. It is important because we are all telling the story (living through the coronavirus) but we are all experiencing it differently (because we are different people).

So complete B2.1 thinking about (at least) 3 different ways you could go with this project. You can write simple sentences like in the example above, or you can get more creative like in these examples below from previous years (the students were choosing their own topics) Have fun and don’t do it on the computer!

And that is it for today. Please remember to do exercise and get away from the  computer and see you in class  11!

Class 8 (8R 4th March / 8S 5th March/ 8Q 9th March)

Today we are going to start working on B. We need to start going from the success criteria in A4 (what our photos should have based on what we learned on the research), both through the inquiry questions and after looking at other photographer’s work) to simple bullet points so we can check our ideas.

Please go to files to find the tasksheet for B.

Even though you uploaded A already, now it is a good time to check how you did it. Can you write concise specifications from your research or you were writing a lot of blah, blah, blah. Remember that you will have the chance to resubmit A, so if you think you can improve this, please do it.

The only purpose of the research was to help you decide what your photos should have or what are the things you need to consider when taking the photos and when deciding what photos are working and not working.

Continue taking photos since next class we will share again next class.

Task 1

Fill in this table in a very concise way. You can use bullet points or simple sentences. In the left column you will write what your photos need to have, in the right column you will indicate how do you know? where did you find that information.

ex. My pictures will have bright colors to indicate hope. // I learned this after looking at Kyoko’s Hamada work.

This is the table we will complete:

Please check these examples to get a better idea on how concise you should be writing.

And we are going to leave it here for today. Please send me any questions you have by email. I will be grading your As in the next few days.

Thanks and see you soon!