G9 Tales with a Twist A

Dear students,

I will be posting here the tasks for each of the sessions so you have access to all or them.

Class 10 (9N October 7th, 9O&9L October 8th, 9Q October 9th)

Today we will work on improving our summative before uploading it during the first few minutes next class.

Please go to the part you need to improve, A1, A2 or A3 through this link.

Class 9 (9N September 24th, 9O&9Q September 25th, 9L October 6th)

Today we are going to be working on our Design brief, A4. We will be writing 4 paragraphs summarising all we have learned during this criteria and what are the things you are planning on incorporating to your movie.

Please upload at the end of the class so I can give you comments.

Class 8 (9N September 21st, 9O&9L September 22nd, 9Q September 23rd)

Today we will have the second class dedicated to Research. You will need 6-8 questions completed. Please upload the appendix at the end of the class.

  • If you have any questions about how color affects the mood of the film, please check this compilation of resources.
  • For other questions, please check this collection of resources.

Upload your appendix with your 6-8 questions to MB at the end of the class, so we can start writing A4 next class.

Class 7 (9N September 16th, 9O&9Q September 17th, 9L September 18th)

Welcome back.

I gave you comments on Managebac about last checkpoint. Please spend some time going through the comments and making sure you don’t have any questions.

Today you are going to be spending 15-20 minute per question, investigating the first 3-4 questions in your research plan.

1. Practical questions about apps or software you may want to use. Check this list here, for suggested resources.


  • If you want to do animation we recommend you, Flipaclip. Dowload it in your phone and play with it a bit. If you like it you will have to buy it and download it into your ipad. (you will be able to bring it to school following an easy procedure)
  • Also Keynote can make simple animations. Have a look here.


  • If you want to create a stop-motion we recommend you use Stop Motion Pro. Dowload it in your phone and play with it a bit. If you like it you will have to buy it and download it into your ipad. (you will be able to bring it to school following an easy procedure)
  • Michelle Zhao shared this great resource on How to make stop motion videos. Thanks, Michelle!


  • Also Keynote can make simple animations. Have a look here.

2. Schedule a meeting with a primary source that could help you in this project. Make sure not to limit your options to teachers, since they may be overwhelmed to be interviewed with all of you. Please think of good storytellers in your family that could be good to interview.

3. Basic introductions to the unit.

  • What does it mean to be a stop motion animator? How many people are involved in animation movies? Have a look at this short to get an idea on how this movies come to life.
  • How to write a short film. This website has a nice set of steps.

These are 3 suggestions for today, but you can always check our list of sources and adapt them to your questions.

Class 6 (9N September 11th, 9O&9L September 14th, 9Q September 15th)

Welcome back to our film unit. Today we will have the first checkpoint, so I will ask you to upload your work in progress and give you comments on A1+A2+A3.

  • To complete A1, please remember to always to back to the Design task. Also, if you have problems knowing why are we doing this unit? why are we twisting tales? have a look here. 
  • To complete A2, you need to have 6-8 questions you really want to research. We came up with some together last class, you can find the full list here.
  • To finish A3, here is the list of films suggested, but feel free to find your own. Remember we are analysing now, not describing any more. If you are interested in doing animation, here is list of wonderful movies and short films to give you ideas.

Please upload at the end of the class so I can give you more detailed comments and suggestions to your work.

Class 5 (9N September 8th, 9O&9L September 9th, 9Q September 11th)

Welcome back to our 5th class on this unit!

Today we will start with task A1, we will need to explain or justify the need for our project. After we come up with that, we will come up with Inquiry questions to direct the research in this project.

Next class we will have the first Checkpoint A1+A2+A3 to get you comments to prepare for the Summative.

Class 4 (9N September 3rd, 9O&9L September 4th, 9Q September 7th)

Welcome back.

Class 3 (9N August 28th, 9O&9Q September 1st, 9L September 2nd)

Welcome back.

Today we will start by reading the comments I wrote in your task number 2. Please save task 1 and 2 since you will need them later to complete A1 of your summative.

We will introduce the Statement of Inquiry of our Unit. And explore the different parts that compose our unit.

Then we will spend the class analysing what Form means by using Menti to discuss some of our unit questions.

M1. Does form influences the perception of the message?

M2. Is form more important than the message?

M3. What forms do we have to make a movie?

We will explore the concept of form in movies by watching 4 different movies:

1. Negative space, 5:30 (if you cannot access youtube, go here)

2. The lift, 4:53 (if you cannot access Youtube, go here)

3. G AAAH, 1:22 (if you cannot access youtube, go here)

4. Noon, 3:50 (if you cannot access youtube, go here)

Task 3- Film Festival

After having watched 4 different forms of short films, please spend the last half an hour of the class watching some other videos for inspiration. You can choose from this list. Or find short films you are interested in. Please bring back any other cool short films you find.

Class 2 (9N August 25th, 9O&9L August 26th, 9Q August 27th)

Welcome back.

Today we are going to have a look at the stories you came up with last class. We will make groups of 3 and you will retell the story to your 2 partners. Please make sure that the story is clear to understand and it is concise (less than 2 minutes).

Then we will proceed to analyse the story you just shared. And in order to do that we will look at 3 main areas.

1. Morals. Are morals related to a determinate culture? Are they universal?

2. Gender representation. How the male and female are represented in the story. Stereotypes of what males can do (be brave, rescue the princess, fight) and what females can do (wait patiently, be saved by a man, take care of the house and the children)

  1. Are old fairy tales a good representation of the role of women? Have a look at this parody to understand how unrealistic they are for s.XXI girls.
  2. What would be the feminist version of old fairy tales?
  3. However, do we need to look at everything with feminist glasses? Should we just look at stories as stories? Have a read to Is it time to rewrite fairy tales? 

3. Time/Place. Are the stories relevant to the time and era? In some cases some stories have been adapted  Disney adapts fairytales? What is the intention behind?

Task 2

Once you have retold the story to your group members and they have understood it, please analyse it based on the different things. Write it on a new document, please do not write more than 100 words per question. You have 40 minutes to complete this task and upload to Teams.

  1. Moral. What is the moral of the story? What is the moral? Who are the good and the bad ones? Do you agree with it? Is it relevant?
  2. Gender representation. What is the role of female characters? Are they following stereotypes? Do you agree?
  3. Time/Place. Is the message relevant for our time? How? Is it Universal?

Class 1 (9N August 20th, 9O&9Q August 21st, 9L August 24th)


Today is our first class and we are going to start introducing some elements of the unit. If you cannot attend please watch the recording.

Menti 1: We will start by debating why do you think we need stories, folktales and myths?

Then we will move on to play a Kahoot game to see how much you know about fairy tales.

Menti 2: Are stories universal? Do we all grow up with the same stories?

Then we will talk about the parts of the story and how to make sure you have the main ingredients.

Menti 3: What is a moral? Why stories need morals?

Task 1

You are going to find a tale, myth or fairy tale you like and you are going to tell it to the rest of the class in less than 2 minutes. You can present it any way you like. You can use a video, text, a powerpoint presentation, you can act it out, you can draw a comic… whatever you like.

Make sure you tell us the 3 parts of the story (beginning, middle and end).

If you cannot think of any stories right now, this is a good website to find fairy tales from all over the world.