Film & color

Some of you had a question along the lines of: how can color influence the mood of your film? Here are some resources that I found quite interesting:

1. This is a good place to start: How does color affect the way we watch movies? A simple introductory video that sets the mood on the importance of color.

2. In this website, they analyse the color palettes of different famous movies.

3. This video is a good introduction to the power of color in storytelling:

I found it in this website, where it talks a lot about the use of color in filmmaking. I recommend you to have a look if you are interested in the topic.

4. Wes Anderson is an American director that takes a lot of care when choosing color palettes to the point that you can tell if it is one of his movies just by seeing his color choice. He likes to use very bright colors, as this website shows you, or this video:

5. Zhang Yimou is another good example of a director that cares a lot about color choices. This article explains how he links color theory to his scene choices.

This website also provides an interesting link to a website called color meanings, where the author researches different interpretations about colors in different cultures.

7. We already talked about how colors can mean completely different things in different cultures in our logo unit, but it is worth bringing up that topic and sharing again this inphographic:  Colors in cultures.

8. This video will introduce you to the basics on Hue/Brightness/Saturation and how to apply them to your film creations.

9. In the 90s Polish Director Krzysztof Kieślowski chose to do a Three colors Trilogy, each dedicated to one of the colors of the French Flag. Here is the trailer to Blue:

10. And this last video will show you some color choices in movies. Unfortunately most of the movies shown are American so it does not provide such a range, but it is a good place to start seeing how different you can make your movie look.

11. “The fall” the first choice in the previous list was created by Indian director Tarsem Singh, a famous advertising director. Here is his showreeel: