ATL Critical Thinking

In our “Tales with a Twist” unit, we will use Critical Thinking as our ATL.

I created this presentation to help you understand what that will mean in our unit:

I also created this video, so you can watch it at your own time and check and improve your own work. I have broken up the video in different parts so it is easier to navigate.

In this first part, I introduce what critical thinking means and how it will influence our unit.

This is a good video to watch to know what critical thinking is:

In part 2, we are going to see how we can apply Critical Thinking to our current unit:

In this part here we are going to look on how to apply critical thinking to A1:

You are sitting at home in England in 1957 and this comes up in your beloved BBC:

So after watching this you probably wonder: does the spaguetti tree really exist? can I trust the BBC here? And you will make your decisions based on what you know and your previous experiences. If you want to see other examples of similar stories, you can find them here.

In A2 we are asking you do create a research plan, have a look at this little video to see how to apply critical thinking to your research plan.

Have a look at how google and other search engines and social media work, and remember, “if you are not paying the product, then you are the product”

Finaly, in A3 you are supposed to look at 4 films you really like and analyse what are the important parts in this video.

You are often asking me for samples and this is the reason why I do not want to give you a sample for you to copy. But in the video we look at some work your classmates did and how you can learn from what they did.

Hope all this was help you and it can help you improve your work.

Here are the links and credits to the attached media:

  • The video on Critical thinking comes from this source. (
  • The social media dilema movie is on Netflix and did not allowed me to record the audio, but you can read the subtitles.