G8 Quarantine Accomodation B

Dear all,

I am going to post here all the work for criteria B, so you can find it easily.

Class 15 (8P October 30th, 8Q & 8K November 2nd)

Dear all, today we have a checkpoint for B3. We drew the 3 floor plans and today we will choose the best one, and we will move onto drawing the best one on the computer, B4.

In order to prepare for B4, you need to:

  • create an account on homestyler
  • Watch some tutorials on the website. Here is the collection of tutorials you can find on the website:

Next class we will continue working on B4 your final floor plan and we will upload a screenshot to add to your Summative B.

Class 14 (8K October 27th, 8Q & 8P October 28th)

Dear all, today we are going to use the class to finish and revise different things.

Please use the time in class to work on Design. We only have 2 more classes to finish Criterion B.

Class 13 (8P October 22nd, 8Q & 8K October 23th)

Dear all, today I am going to give you time to continue working on your floor plans. Since I think some of you were a bit confused, I made this little video:

The most important thing is that you:

  • establish how many squares of your grid paper is a meter
  • check the measures of all the furniture so you are moving around real beds and so.

In the rubric it says you need to annotate. Annotations is if you want to add extra information about the furniture (for example the color, the material, etc)

In this case, if you are following the architectural language on how to draw the different furniture, you don’t need to indicate what it is, because we already can see it on the drawing.

You don’t need to annotate that is a bed, because we can already see it.

Please use the 80 minutes in class today to continue working on your floorplans and upload at the end of the class. There is a checkpoint today, so if you don’t upload you won’t get any comments. 

Class 12 (8K October 19th, 8P & 8Q October 20th)

Today we start working on our ideas. We will start with a 6 meters by 6 meters square and we are going to be placing all the elements you need.

Task 1

We will download graph paper. You will think about how you want to measure your space. For example, one big square can be one meter of the 6 meters.

You can download it here:

Since this paper is quite strong, drawing on top can be a bit difficult so I recommend you tracing with another paper on top.

If you are making a 6 meters x 6 meters square you could create an equivalence 6 squares= 1 meters, so 6 meters=24 squares

And you can follow that proportion for all the other furniture.

6 squares=1 meter

1 bed that is 2 meters long, would be 12 squares, etc.

Task 2

Make a list of all the things you should include in the house. You can take this list from the specifications or the design brief. Write down the number: how many tables, how many chairs? etc.

Task 3

We are going to draw 3 different floor plans on how you could place all that furniture.

Draw the objects and place them in the space. If you want to know the measurements of regular furniture, please find it in the guide

You will need 3 different floor plans to present your ideas.

Rubric for B2

Next class at the end of the class you will be asked to upload B1 and B2 to get comments on a checkpoint.

Class 11 (8P October 14th, 8Q & 8K October 15th)

Today we will finish your mood board and start working on Design specifications.

If you want to create color palettes for your mood board, coolors.co is a nice resource. You can explore their palettes and modify them to your taste.

Once you are happy with the result you can take a screenshot and include it into your moodboard:

By the end of the class you should finish both, since they are B1.

Class 10 (8K October 9th, 8P & 8Q October 12th)

Task 1 (5 min)

Today we will use the first 5-10 completing an auto-evaluation of our work in Criteria A. Please get the rubric I am going to send you an give yourself 5 different grades:

Please send me these grades by Teams chat so I can see them and I can call you to discuss the grades I gave you for the different tasks, before I post them to MB.

Task 2 (40 min)

After watching the first 10 minutes of the video on Ilse Crawfort, we are going to make a mood board, which is a way to think visually and conceptually, to give shape and form to all the research that you did in the first criteria.


Download the task sheet for criteria B you can find under files. We are going to start working on B1, the specifications. Make sure the specifications come directly from what you write in A4, the success criteria.