G9 Tales with a Twist D

Class 28 (9N Jan 13th, 9O&9L Jan 14th, 9Q Jan 15th)

Today is the last day of Summative D. We will complete D3 and D4 and upload at the end of the class.

Task 1. D3 Improvements to your movie

You will need to come up with 3-4 improvements that could be made to the movie OR the tests (interview or survey questions or plan)

Start by looking at the summary of data you got in D2 to get ideas. Your ideas for improvements need to be supported by what your testers said.

Let’s follow this formula to do your writing:

The (first) improvement I could make is ……. Why-based on what data… How you would do this change (write-draw a sketch)… How will this improvement affect the overall movie.

ex. The first improvement I could make is clarify my twist. Based on my results 75% did not understand the twist, so it is not very clear. So in order to help them understand the twist, I am planning on having a final title card stating the moral clearly “Be kind to strangers will change the world”, see the little sketch behind to see how it will look. Overall, I think it will be a nice closure that will help the understanding of my movie.

The improvements can also be to the survey:

ex. I realised my survey was poorly designed because I was not able to get enough data to be able to think of meaninful improvements. All of them ended up writing extra comments at the end, because none of my questions allowed them to provide data. So, I would make sure to add more open questions since most of mine are closed. For example in q4 instead of asking: did you understand my twist about how kindness is good? I would change it for: what was my twist? or do you have any suggestions to make the main message more clear?

We will be evaluating that your improvements are clearly stated and you explain how this improvement affects the overall game.

Task 2. D4 What does your audience think about your movie?

Here we need to remember that our audience is the Keystone Community, so the first think you need to think about is how well the 4 people you surveyed or interviewed, represent the overall of the keystone community.

So please explain describing briefly the demographics of the people you surveyed and interviewed.

ex. My sample represents an age frame of 5-65 both genders and a mix of nationalities. 

Then, you will summarize overall the good points they found and how they felt overall. This is the end of the cycle, so you need to go back to the begining (A1) what was the purpose of making the movie? what was the initial intention? what was the twist? did your audience understood the twist? did they question the gender stereotype, the moral, the time and place?

To get 7-8 you need to explains the impact of the movie on your audience.

Task 3. Upload to MB

Please upload at the end of the class.

Class 27 (9O&9Q Jan 11th, 9L Jan 12th, 9N Jan 13th)

We are moving on to the second session for Criterion D.

Task 1. Check grades for A, B, C

Your grades for A, B, C are final at this point. Read carefully your grade for C, since it may require that you do/send me something today.

Task 2. Finish surveys and interview

In order to be able to evaluate your results in D2, you need to finish your tests. You can use some time this class to do so.

Task 3. Completing D2

In D20 you don’t have to include anything.

In D2.1 you will need to take screen shots of your surveys and include the recording of your interview. It is better if you upload the recording as a separate audio file directly to MB.  Remember that without this proof, it is not authentic (real) product testing.

In D2.1 you will need to talk about the different areas in the specifications (aesthetic, function…) and indicate which ones you were successful and which ones you were not. The areas were you weren’t successful will be clues for you on areas to think about or improve (for D3). When you refer back to these try to be very concise.

Mention the specification / The results in numbers / examples of what they said

ex. The initial intention of my movie was to question gender stereotypes and to do so, Snowwhite was a man that was saved by the kiss of a woman that did not want to marry him. 75% understood the twist, however only 50% liked it. Mary said that “she did not know what Snowhite is now a man, it is very strange” and Tom said “it is very strange”.

At this point you are only reporting back the results, you don’t need to say what you are planning on doing with this, yet. We will do that in D3 and D4 next class.

The table is there to help you. If you don’t want to use it, go directly to the writing. Or if you only want to fill in the table, it is also ok. We just need to organize the results, so you can identify easily what are the areas for improvement.

Class 26 (9O&9L Jan 6th, 9Q Jan 7th, 9N Jan 8th)

Welcome back! I hope you had a nice break.

We are approaching the last step of our unit, where we evaluate and reflect on our creations. Unfortunately we are not going to have a lot of time for this and you will be evaluating what you have at this point, even if it is not a finished movie.

Task 1. Upload your finished (or semifinished) movie to our class channel

I created Stream channels for you to upload your movies.

  • 9L please upload here.
  • 9N please upload here.
  • 9O please upload here.
  • 9Q please upload here.

Please indicate clearly your name and a reminder of the original story. For ex:

You can watch each other movies, leave comments and give some ❤️️

Task 2. Introduction to Criterion D

Criterion D is quite simple. You will evaluate your movie using 1 personal interview (that you need to record) and one Forms survey (you need at least 3 answers). We only have 3 sessions for Criterion D, deadline is on MB. There will be only oral checkpoints so please call me with any questions or problems.

If the presentation is not loading, here is the link.

Ask me any questions during class or ARE time!