G8 Quarantine Accomodation D

Class 28 (8K Jan 15th, 8P&8Q Jan 18th)

Today is the last day of Summative D. We will complete D3 and D4 and upload at the end of the class.

Task 1. D3 Improvements to your model/homestyler/interview/survey

You will need to come up with 3-4 improvements that could be made to the design OR the tests (interview or survey questions or plan)

Start by looking at the summary of data you got in D2 to get ideas. Your ideas for improvements need to be supported by what your testers said.

Let’s follow this formula to do your writing:

The (first) improvement I could make is ……. Why-based on what data… How you would do this change (write-draw a sketch)… How will this improvement affect the overall space.

ex. The first improvement I could make is include a floorplan. Based on my results 75% did not what furniture I was going to have in my space. So I will print my homestyles drawing to scale and paste it on the base of my design. Overall, I think this will help them understand what furniture I have.

The improvements can also be to the survey:

ex. The second improvement I would make is revise my survey. I realised my survey was poorly designed because I was not able to get enough data to be able to think of meaninful improvements. All of them ended up writing extra comments at the end, because none of my questions allowed them to provide data. So, I would make sure to add more open questions since most of mine are closed. For example in q4 instead of asking: did you understand my twist about how kindness is good? I would change it for: what was my twist? or do you have any suggestions to make the main message more clear? Overall, having more open questions will improve the quality of the answers I get and it will be easier for me to reflect on the results.

We will be evaluating that your improvements are clearly stated and you explain how this improvement affects the overall game.

Task 2. D4 What does your audience think about your quarantine accomodation?

Here we need to remember that our audience is a parent. We need to know how they felt about living in the space you designed with a child younger thank 12 years old.

This is the end of the cycle, so you need to go back to the begining (A1) what was the purpose of making this accommodation? did you follow the design task? did you accomplished what you were asked to do?

Re-read the design task:

Task 3. Upload to MB

Please upload at the end of the class.

Class 27 (8P 6th Jan, 8Q&8K 13th Jan)

Task 1. Grades

Last chance to reupload any work for Criterion C. I will grade that and and your grades for A, B, C will be final. Please check the grades.

Remember what I told you last class: If your model is not finished, it is ok. Please include any drawings or pictures of the process. We are evaluating PROCESS, so even if your model is not finished, you can still get some points but you need to show that you were doing some work in class

Task 2. Finish surveys and interview

In order to be able to evaluate your results in D2, you need to finish your tests. You can use some time this class to do so.

Task 3. Completing D2

In D2.1 you will need to take screen shots of your surveys and include the recording of your interview. It is better if you upload the recording as a separate audio file directly to MB.  Remember that without this proof, it is not authentic (real) product testing.

In D2.2 you will need to talk about the different areas in the specifications (aesthetic, function…) and indicate which ones you were successful and which ones you were not. The areas were you weren’t successful will be clues for you on areas to think about or improve (for D3). When you refer back to these try to be very concise.

You need to cover the 4 different points: aesthetics, form, function and material.

Mention the specification / The results in numbers / examples of what they said

ex. The initial intention was to create a room that was health and comfortable, so one of the requirements was lots of natural light. 75% considered that with my 3 windows, it was a lot of natural light. 25% thought not enough. I think I accomplished this specification. Tom said that “the windows were too small, so even though you had 3, it is not much light”, Mary said “lots of light.”

At this point you are only reporting back the results, you don’t need to say what you are planning on doing with this, yet. We will do that in D3 and D4 next class.

Class 26 (8K Jan 7th, 8P&8Q Jan 8th)

Welcome back!

I hope you had a relaxing break. And welcome to online learning again. Today we are going to do a few things. But I want to start by taking a break and asking you a couple of questions.

Task 1

Where are we in our current unit, the Quarantine accomodation? We are going to start by Reuploading anything new you have to Managebac. I will give you 10 minutes to do this. Criteria C has been graded and it is on Managebac.

In C2 technical skills we will be evaluating your cutting and gluing so make sure to take pictures where I can evaluate this.

In C3 follows the plan to create the model, which includes (the floorplan printed and pasted in the 24×24 space, the exterior walls, interior walls, windows and doors -ideally windows with plastic and doors that open and close an for the higher grades, any wallpaper decorations or 3D furniture) and it is presented appropriately (centered in the 30×30 board, with space around the room, following the scale 1:25)

What happened if you did not bring your model home?

– If you forgot your model in class and forgot to take the picture, please email herve.guillotel@keystoneacademy.cn. He is in the class and will be able to take pictures of your model to upload.

– If your model is not finished, it is ok. Please include any drawings or pictures of the process. We are evaluating PROCESS, so even if your model is not finished, you can still get some points but you need to show that you were doing some work in class.

– If you want to make a model but forgot to bring the materials home, please make the model with ANY material you have at home. It can be recycled boxes.

– If you need to go to school today to collect materials for Art class (1pm) let me know as soon as possible, since we could include some boards for you to do the model.

> Please Teams message me with your situation.

Task 2

Before we start, I would like to ask you a few questions about you and about your experience so far in online learning so we can improve:

Task 3

We are going to start working on Criterion D. Please check the new deadline on MB.

We will have 3 sessions.

Session 1 (today) we will work on the questions

Session 2 we will make boards and analyse results

Session 3 we will write about what we would improve (D3) and how the target audience feels about living in our quarantine accomodation (D4)

Task 4

Download the task sheet and complete D1.