Gregg Segal

Greg Segal is an interesting photographer dealing with environmental issues.

In his mission statement his intention is to “make pictures that are single frame dramas with a sense of something that has or is about to happen.”

He shot this interesting project called “7 days of garbage” where he photographed people surrounded by the garbage they produced in one week. As he states in his website, the “portraits reveal the food we eat and garbage we create while telling a story about our health and the health of our planet.”

The reason to take those pictures is also clearly stated on his website: “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wondered about garbage – where does it go and what happens when we run out of places to put it? The average American generates 29 pounds of garbage a week. As a nation, that amounts to about 9 billion pounds per week! (..) I want my 8-year-old son to understand that we’re contributing to the problem, too.”

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