G8 E-learning D


There was some misscommunication so while the printer was waiting for B5 files, we were making A5 books. What is the difference? you may say.. well, there is a big difference:

So the first thing we are going to do today is to resize our files manually.

How are we going to do that?

  1. Go to File
  2. Click on the Design menu
  3. Go all the way to the right on the Design menu to Slide Size
  4. This page setup window will appear and you will change the wrong size (21×14.8 cm is an A5) for the right size by entering 25 x 17.6cm

This will make your file BIGGER, so you will have to adjust the elements individually a bit to make it look good. If you are confused and not sure if it looks good, you can call me on Teams and I will help you.

Please remember that since we are making a book that will have a center binding page, this will happen:

So we need to make sure to leave an extra margin, so we don’t lose important information in that binding. That is called the gutter margin:

  • In our design page 1 and 3 have a gutter margin on the LEFT
  • And page 2 and 4 have a guttter margin on the RIGHT

Once you are done you will go to Teams and we will create a PPT all together, it will be called 8x MASTER BOOK. You will need to drag your pages from your file into the comon one. It your text looks blurry, try to move your text as a single element.


Class 23 (8R 21st May, 8S 22nd May, 8Q 25th May)

We won’t have a live session today, so please complete these 2 tasks

Task 3

Please make sure you have made the changes to your layout we talked about last class and you have uploaded it to the Teams folder.

Once you are in Powerpoint go to Files>Export and and click on PDF.

Please make sure to name your file like this “Name-last name-section.pdf”

Task 4

Finish your 12-14 questions in B1 (see instructions in Task 1, below) and copy and paste them on Seesaw, so I can give you comments. Please do not start the interviews until you have gotten comments from me. Once you get the comments you can start interviewing 3 members of the Keystone community, but please make sure to record it.

And that is all for today! See you next class.

Class 22 (8R 19th May, 8S 20th May, 8Q 21st May)

Welcome back. Today we are going to start working on the last part of the unit: we will evaluate the pages of our book. To do so, we will interview 3 members of the Keystone community (our audience), but due to the circumstances we won’t be able to interview the Marketing Department (our client).

Task 1

I will introduce you to the tasksheet for Criteria D and you will start working on creating questions for your interview. Please remember you should be testing your specifications and initial intentions to see if you did a good job.

Today we will work on D1. Coming up with 12-14 questions for your interview. Please find the tasksheet in Managebac under Files.

Task 2

We will have individual meetings. Please have your 4 pages powerpoint document open when I call you. We will look at it together and I will make some  little suggestions on how to improve it.

After you made your changes you will need to export it as PDF document and upload it to the Teams channel, inside the folder I created for you.

Please make sure to name your file like this “Name-last name-section.pdf”