G9 E-learning D

Class 24 (9N, 9K 22nd May, 9L 25th May, 9M 21st May)

Welcome back. Today we are going to start working on the last part of the unit: we will evaluate your games. Originally, we were going to be testing it with Grade 4 and 5 students (our target audience) but because of current circumstances and since they won’t be back to school until June 8th, we will do it with other Grade 9 classes.

9N will be tested by 9K and 9K by 9N

9L will be tested by 9M and 9M by 9L

Task 1

So the first thing we will do today is to pack our games so they are ready to be tested next class. Please make sure to include all the little pieces inside envelopes or plastic bags so nothing gets lost. Include instructions or information on how many people will play the game. Also label the bag with your name and section. Once you are ready place all of them on a table.

If for whatever reason your game is not ready at the end of the class, let me know.

Task 2

I will introduce you to the tasksheet for Criteria D and you will start working on creating questions for your survey. Please remember you should be testing your specifications and initial intentions to see if you did a good job. Play especial attention to what you were planning on teaching and if the are getting  it at the end of the game.

Today we will work on D1. Coming up with 16 questions for your survey. Please find the tasksheet in Managebac under Files.

Task 3

Once you have your 16 questions, colaborate with a peer to give some feedback:

  • Are the questions clearly understood?
  • Are there mostly open questions?
  • will they collect enough data to write about improvements

Task 4

Please print 3 copies of your survey and include them with your game, ready to be tested next class.

PLease call me or email me with any questions.