Eco-living Resources

Here is a list of some resources to use for your research.

1. Architecture and Interior Design

  • National Geographic sends his Planet Mechanics to Liverpool and visits the architecture students designing container housing. (47:20)
  • A day in the life of an interior designer, here. (1:37)
  • Ilse Crawford talks about her studio in London and her work as an interior designer. (3:03)
  • Mood boards in interior design.

2. Eco-materials, recycling

  • Ted Talk: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff by Dan Phillips. In this funny and inspiring talk, he tours us through a dozen homes he’s built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways. Brilliant, low-tech design details will refresh your own drive to make more with less.
  • TED Talk: The tradeoffs of building green In a short, funny, data-packed talk at TED U, Catherine Mohr walks through all the geeky decisions she made when building a green new house — looking at real energy numbers, not hype. What choices matter most? Not the ones you think.
  • TED Talk: Architecture that repairs itself. Applied scientist Rachel Armstrong, uses advanced technology to design sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for the built and natural environment. Her research raises questions about the sustainable development of the built environment. She creates innovating resolutions while addressing environmental challenges on an academic level including carbon capture and recycling, smart ‘living’ materials and sustainable design.
  • You can also check this board of resources.

3. Small space living 

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