Logo Design resources

We broke the class into 3 main groups to research:

1. Color

What do colors mean? What colors are better for my logo? Should I use the school colors? How can I use color to create a hierarchy and separate PS, MS and Hs? Do colors mean the same in all cultures?

  • A nice introduction is this video:

  • And this tool to choose color schemes: Coolors

  • Color theory basics in this video:

You can also check this board for extra resources.

2. Composition and shapes

What shape should my logo be? Do all shapes mean the same? How can I represent an sport in a shape? Should I use a complicated shape or a simple shape? Can I use shape to differentiate (PS, MS, HS)?

3. Typography

What typeface should I use? Should I use Chinese, English or Both? What typography is more modern and what more old-style? How do I want to present my school?

  • The history of typography:

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