Once you are done with your figure, you could start thinking about your packaging. How would you like to present it?

The packaging of blind box collections is very important and needs to be very attractive.

Think about the size of your toy in relation to the size of the box. Think about of the name of your toy and what information you want to provide in the box.

There are many websites where you can use basic box templates to work with.

This is one:

Find a box that looks similar to the shape you would like to work with and download it. I would recommend you to play around with it on the printed paper, cut it and play with the shape before you go ahead to make your own.

If you download it as a jpeg, you will be able to bring it into a designing software or even to Canva.

1/ This could be a box for a blind box toy

Pop mart use these boxes but change the proportions to make them lower or thicker.

Popmart Bobo & Coco Wanderlust / Sanrio Hello Kitty / Cinnamoroll Blind Boxes, Hobbies & Toys, Toys & Games on Carousell

2/ This is another design you could use.

3/ This collection uses a different kind of box

Milk Murders - Blind Box Toy Design on Behance

You could use this format for this box:

4/ There is this template maker where you can adjust your size:

5/ I have created a Pinterest board with some examples of boxes you could use:


Once you get your eps file you will need to modify it or adjust it to your size, you can do this in any vector graphic software. You can download Affinity Designer (ask your teacher how) or Inkscape or you can work online with one free vector software such as: