G7 Design

Please find here the links to all the presentations and tasks to complete:

Class 1 (7c August 13th, 7B August 16th, 7A August 17th)

Task: In groups we solved a 30 minutes fun Design challenge

Class 2 (7c  20th, 7B 24th, 7A 17th Aug) – ASYNCHRONOUS

Today we will be working asynchronously following this presentation.

Video 1: Introduction to the Unit (3 min)

Video 2: Working on A1. The need for solving this problem (6 min)

Video 3. Working on A3. Getting inspired by other designer’s work. (5 min) Here is the Pinterest board.

Class 3 (7c  27th, 7B 30th , 7A 31st Aug)

We will start working on A2 (1,2,3) by writing our 5 inquiry questions.