G9 Tales with a Twist C

Class 25 (8P Dec 16th, 8Q&8K Dec 17th)

Task 1. Writing C4

Remember you need changes to the movie AND changes to the plan.

In order to write C4 will need to list the changes made to the plan or the movie (3-4) and explain them, by indicating what was the purpose of them and what happened to your overall movie after you made that change.

Ex. When I was making the movie I realized that drawing all the pieces for animation was going to take too long so I decided to combine animation and stop motion using some toys I had at home.  The reason for this change was mainly to save time, but I also discovered the combination was very interesting and I am pleased with the result because it seems to add more depth to the story and make it more interesting looking. After I incorporated some animation that I was able to shoot with my phone, I became more free on what I could do and I did not depend on the school technology as much. My movie got more interesting and I got more time to make sure the whole story was clearly understood.

Task 2. Uploading Summative C

C1 (plan) and C4 (changes) are final. Please ask me any questions before you upload.

C2+C3 (movie )include link from Stream. If you are not finished and want to continue working, take it home and reupload after the break.

I created Stream channels for you to upload your movies.

  • 9L please upload here.
  • 9N please upload here.
  • 9O please upload here.
  • 9Q please upload here.

Please indicate clearly your name and a reminder of the original story. For ex:

You can watch each other movies, leave comments and give some ❤️️

Class 24 (9N Dec 9th, 9O&9L Dec 10th, 9Q Dec 11th)

Today we are in class 5 out of 6. Only 2 classes left!

It is time to understand what are the expectations for uploading next class as your Summative C is due at the end of the class. Also remember that you will need to upload Resubmission for B.

Use the time to work in your movie. Ask me any questions or problems you have today, during class.

Class 23 (9N Dec 4th, 9O & 9Q Dec 7th, 9Q Dec 8th)

Today we are in class 4 out of 6. It is time to start finish up your main scenes and think about how to finish it out. Time to look for the music and start putting it together.

Am I allowed to use everything I can find on the Internet?

The answer is NO, since you would be breaching the copyright. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization: 

The only way you could use these resources is if you ask for permission to use that music, that picture, that clip of that movie.

How do I know if I can use the material on the web?

Creative commons is an organization that tries to regulate the sharing of content on the web.

You can create a license to share your own work here:

Or check what kind of use you can do of the material shared by checking the licences:

There are 6 different licences, that you can check here.

Always look for public domain or creative commons licenses that allow you to use this material for what you are planning on using.

So, what can I use?


  • Pexels is a platform that collects videos from different sites.
  • Pixabay is a large free-stock website.
  • Distill is another one
  • Videvo is a creative commons license one
  • Unsplash is a website that offers free license pictures.


  • Chosic audio library for background music free download with many generes and moods to choose from. Use this music for your youtube video or any other project. No Copyright safe creative commons music free.
    Download any mp3. Feel free to use this creative commons music in youtube videos or other project. They are 100% FREE COPYRIGHT MUSIC
  • Motionelements
  • Epidemic Sound is a website that has music license free. But it requires a suscription

Oral comments

I will continue to give you oral comments and help during the 80 minutes of class. But please use the time to work independently in your project.

Class 22 (9N Dec 1st, 9O & 9L Dec 2nd, 9Q Dec 3rd) 

Simplify: tell don’t show

Now that we had spent some time working on our movies, we may have realized we cannot show everything with illustrations or drawings, since that would take a lot of our time.

What techniques can we use to communicate what happens in the story without showing what is happening in the story?

1- Captions. As they used them in silent movies

2- The voice over

3. Using text to tell the story

Oral comments

I will be calling you and discussing how is your process going and what we can do to make your movie happen.

Class 21 (9N Nov 24th, 9O&9Q Nov 25th, 9L Nov 30th)


Outside the box

Task 1

Please upload the C1 plan on MB, I will be calling you to discuss it with you.

Task 2

Start making your movie according to your plan.

Class 20 (9N Nov 19th, 9O&9L Nov 20th, 9Q Nov 23rd)

Today we start working on Criterion C.

How much time to work on this in class? 6 classes of 80 minutes, so while you make the plan may be the time to reconsider what are the main elements and if you want to simplify some of them.