G8 Quarantine Accomodation A

Dear students,

I will be posting here the tasks for each of the sessions so you have access to all or them.

Class 9 (8P October 8th, 8Q & 8K October 7th)

Task 1

Today we will use the first minutes of the class to finish our Summative A and upload it to Managebac. Please use the time in class to ask me any questions on how to improve your work and refer to the comments I wrote for you.

Task 2

We will also use the class to learn about how to use the laser cutter. Please make sure to download Affinity Designer to your computer.

  1. Watch this video on how to set a new document.
  2. In this video they will introduce you to the user interface.
  3. This video will help you to use the pen tool.
  4. Find the activity we will complete today on MB on how to complete a laser cutting coaster.

Next class we will start working on Criteria B.

Class 8 (8Q, 8K September 21st, 8Q September 16th, 8P September 24th)

Today we will make sense of all our research but creating a final document of all the things we learned. We will make the Design brief were we are going to explain to someone that knows something about this project, what we will do.

A design brief is a combination of the design task + the findings of our research + what are we planning on doing based on what we learned during the research.

If you want to see an example, please go to the student guide, page 20.

Class 7 (8Q September 15th, 8Q September 16th, 8P September 18th)

Today we will start Research. Remember all the research needs to go into the Appendix. At the end of the class I will ask you to upload the Appendix to see how it is going.

4. This is an interesting video we started watching in class, about how pandemics have influenced design and architecture over the last couple of centuries.

5. Please follow the instructions you will receive in the Teams chat if you want to learn to use the laser cutter. But you need to download Affinity from the Self-Service first.

6. You can also investigate the amazing world of foldable furniture. Some examples herehere and here.

7. Apartment therapy has this interesting series on Tiny Houses Tours.

8. If you have questions about how color affects mood, you could look at How color can create the right mood for a room, here. Unique painting ideas for a small bedroom, here

Please ask me any questions during class and make sure to upload the Appendix at the end of the class.

Class 6 (8Q,8K September 11th, 8P September 16th)

Today we will start Research. Remember all the research needs to go into the Appendix. It is a Word document (you can find it on Managebac under files) that you will need to upload with your task sheet.

It is word because this way we can run Turn it In when you upload it with your summative, because we want to make sure you are not just copy and pasting your research, but explaining in your own words the main points of the research, that will help you for your project.

At the end of the class you should have completed 3-4 questions on your Appendix and one of they should be using a primary research source.

  • Please find here a list of questions if you need to change some of yours, choose from the factual and conceptual one, since the debatable ones are hard to find answers to.
  • Find here a list of recommended sources for your questions.

Links to suggestions for today:

  1. Interview with teachers in quarantine (you can mark them as primary sources). Here are the Maguireshere is Ms Park.
  2. Mr Young Min Yun will teach you how to cut boards today in class. Please take pictures of the process and write about what you learned. It is also primary research
  3. I strongly recommend the Abstract episode on Ilse Crawford’s work to answer the question about What is interior Design or what does a designer do. You can find the video here. It is long, 41 minutes, but if you can watch the first 10, that would be plenty. You can use it as a secondary source.

At the end of the class you should have researched 3-4 questions in the Appendix. Next class we will dedicate the class to research and you will be asked to upload the Appendix.

Class 5 (8k September 7th, 8Q September 9th, 8P September 10th)

Welcome to class.

I gave you comments on Manageback for the checkpoint, please spend some time going through them and making any improvements you need to make.

Please note you need to be specific when indicating sources. Web, bing or person are not sources.

The rest of the class you can use it to work on A3.

Next class we will start with the research.

Class 4 (8K, 8Q September 3rd, 8P September 8th)

Welcome to our 4th class. Today we will start with uploading a checkpoint of tasks A1+A2 so you can get extra comments on your work and make changes before the summative.

After that, we will start looking for inspiration in other spaces. Where would you want to spend 14 days?

What does the Design task means when it says…?

We will look at different rooms and you will choose 3 you feel comfortable with. Since you do not need to have the bed as the center of the room, please look for other ways to organise the space into a more effective way. Looking for “studio apartment” could help you, or any other small accommodation.

Image source.

Task 4, A3

Choose 3 spaces where you would like to spend 14 days and use them for inspiration. We will analyse them to try to get inspired from them. We will follow ACCESSFM to do this in an organized way.

And we will adapt ACCESSFM to our current project.

Have a look at this example from Lena Dutton’s page. 

This is the rubric we will use:

Please use the rest of the class to work on A3.

Class 3 (8K August 27th, 8Q August 28th, 8P September 2nd)

Welcome to our 3rd class. Last class we started writing the first task our summative (A1) and we will start by reviewing it and ask any questions you may have.

Then we will introduce what are inquiry questions and how to write good inquiry questions and then we will re-read the Design task again marking what are the important areas we need to learn about in order to complete our project.

We will go to menti.com to participate and come with questions and ideas together. We will be practicing the ATL collaboration.

We will come with a class bank of questions. Please try to make questions of what you are interested in learning to make the unit as interesting as it can be for your own interests.

I will share the different question banks from the different classes here. Please have a look at choose the 6 questions you are most interested in for your research plan.

Task 3

We will introduce A2, the research plan. We will explain what are the different parts that need to be included in the table, and we will  look at the rubric. We will also have a look at how the rubric from this task has changed from Year 1 (grade 6 and 7) to Year 3 (grade 8).

Here you can find a list of possible inquiry questions. Please choose the 6 you are interested in and would like to research further. You will need to answer at least one using a primary source.

We will give you time in class to work on both A1 and A2 and next class (class 4) we will ask you to upload both of them to Managebac, so you can get checkpoint comments.

Class 2 (8Q&8K August 25th, 8P August 28th)


Today is our second class.

We will start by sharing a few mind maps. Let’s choose 5 randomly and comment on them. Please use this class discussion to participate and to make any improvements to your mind map since you will need it for your project.

Menti 1. What did you learned from these common sharing time?

Menti 2. Do you have any questions for the teachers that are in quarantine right now?

Then we will introduce the Design task. And discuss it to make sure you can understand the multiple parts.

Menti 3. What are the first questions that come to you right away?

Before we start completing the tasks on the Design Cycle and reading through the rubrics, we will play a Kahoot game.

Task 2.

Go to Managebac, download the task sheet and complete task 1.

Please finish task A1 during class today, but no need to upload today.

Class 1 (8K August 19th, 8P August 20th, 8Q August 24th)


Today is our first class and we are going to start introducing some elements of the unit. If you cannot attend please watch the recording. This is the presentation we will be using:

Menti 1: We will start by debating if Design can help the work and if we could help what would be your priorities. And we will look and how Design has been providing solutions for this Covid situation.

Is this the first time this happens? We will look at this video about how architects started adapting buildings to the pandemics of the time such as tuberculosis.

If you cannot access youtube, please go here. Please find here the translation of this video into English.

Menti 2: How your home or your city has changed to adapt to the covid?

Menti 3: What are important things you will need to live 14 days by yourself in an small room. What are the things you are worried about? What problems do you think you may have?

Task 1: Mind map

Create a mind map of all the things you will need to spend 14 days in quarantine in a small room by yourself. Upload to teams and be ready to share.

If you do not know what a mind map is, please have a look here. Mind maps are “a visual way to organise and learn information. Mind maps can help you to break down complex information, memorise information, and see the connections between different ideas.”

You can choose to do the mind map on the computer, but I recommend you to do manually to get some time off the screen. Once you are done, please take a photo and upload it to the Teams folder.

Be ready to share it next class.

Picture source.