Inquiry Questions G8

Here is a list of questions you can use for this unit. Please choose the ones you are interested in researching further. At least one of your questions should use a primary source.


  • What kind of hotels are available in China for quarantine?
  • What does an interior designer do?
  • What does an adult and a child need to be in quarantine for 14 days?
  • What materials can we use to build the scale model?
  • What makes a room comfortable?
  • What kind of exercise can you do in a room and what props you need?
  • What can we learn from other pandemics when it comes to designing spaces?
  • What should be the center of the room? (based on what they plan to do most of the time)


  • How do you use space efficiently?
  • How do we maintain personal relationships when separated from people?
  • How can we maintain physical, mental and spiritual health during quarantine?
  • How do you use Floor planner to do a 3D virtual model?
  • How do I make a scale model?
  • How do you use the laser cutter? (to cut pieces for your model)
  • How can I design a room to guarantee the safety of a child?
  • How color and texture affect the overall mood of a room?


  • Can CAD support the design process?
  • Can our relationship with our accommodation change over time?
  • To what extent can you build a relationship with someone you have never physically met?
  • Is entertainment the most important factor for a hotel room to be comfortable?

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