Color guides

Sometimes when we describe your designs you just say: I will make it yellow or green. But what yellow? What green?

As a designer you will need to remember than beauty is in the details, so choosing the right hue of a particular color is very important. Then, when describing your idea you need to be more precise. A lemon yellow is different than a sulfur yellow and you can end up with a different product.

How to know what to name colors?

1. The Pantone guide

Designers normally use the Pantone guide. Each color has a number and the industry uses those numbers as a convention.

This site displays all the colors and will give you a pantone number, so it will be helpful for making your design more precise.

2. Werner’s guide

This is a beautiful recreation of the original 1821 color guidebook. A beauty to look at  designed by Nicholas Rougeux.

3. The Nipon guide

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