Intro activities

Sometimes we don’t have access to a computer or to an internet connection, but there are still ways to learn Computer science. These are some activities we will do in class to introduce you to computer science.

1. These are some activities to introduce SEQUENCING  (including programming and algorithms).

1a. Create simple algorithms (sets of instructions) to move a character through a maze using a single command. Some of these activities are unplugged and some use Code Studio.

  1. Happy maps.
  2. Move it, move it. 
  3. Maze (1)
  4. Debugging
  5. The artist (1)
  6. The artist (2)
  7. Speeling bee
  8. Maze (2)

1b. Learn about pair programming

  1. Jigsaw

1c. Algorithms in real life:

  1. Plant a seed
  2. Bee level
  3. Build a foundation
  4. Paper planes

1d. Programing

  1. Graph paper programming (binary system 0,1 drawing)

2. The next activities are to introduce LOOPS.

  1. Loops with the Artist (3)

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