Y3: Art Toys

Lesson 1

Welcome to Design. We will introduce the subject and talk about your favorite toys and if we are collectors, after looking at these videos of collectors here. 

G7 DES 01 by eider_suso

Lesson 2

We will explore what are Art Toys. How did they start. We will also research different Art Toy designers to get inspired to start sketching ideas.

G7 DES 02 by eider_suso

Lesson 3 

We will look at the origins of Art Toys and our Design challenge. We will start choosing a series for our collection as well as exploring Art Toys with concepts. We will start to define what is what toy we want to design.

G7 DES 03 by eider_suso

Lesson 4

We will start researching materials to create our final piece. Tinkercad to end up 3D printing our designs and polymer clay. We will evaluate the pros and cons of each. Based on our experience we will define other research questions to expand our learning process. We will also explore how Blind boxes make the toy more desirable.

G7 DES 04 by eider_suso

Lesson 5

We will start writing the Design brief based on all our findings in order to document our Inquiry and Analysis and to complete the first step of the process.

G7 DES 05 by eider_suso

Lesson 6

We will start sketching different ideas for our Art Toy figure. There are some resources here to help you with your sketching skills.

G7 DES 06 by eider_suso