Masks around the world

Let’s travel a bit around the world to see other uses of masks.

First, we will go to Ivory Coast in West Africa, to watch the Zaouli dance. (2:19 min)

Then, we will travel to Mexico city to watch the Day of the Death Parade (3:24 min)

Thirdly, we will visit the Venetian Carnival to understand the meaning behind the famous masks.

And then we will travel to a region in India, Sundarbas where people wear masks behind their heads. Watch the video to know why (3:49 min)

Finally this video will take you to Japan, the video is a bit long (16min) so you can just watch a bit of it. But try to watch the part where it explains why the Noh Masks are sooo scary!

And finally to China, to the Beijing opera masks, here.

Thank you Sophia for the link!

Now is your turn to choose one use for a mask from the ones presented in the videos and do a drawing of what your mask would look like.

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