Paper inspiration

The unbelievable work of Polly Verity:

The amazing sculptures of Li Hongbo:

The work of Karishma Chugani:

Lotte Reiniger
This documentary about Lotte Reiniger’s creative process has been a great source of inspiration for me through the years. It demonstrates her entire process of planning the storyboard, designing characters, cutting, and animating the silhouettes for her interpretation of Mozart’s classical opera, Papageno.

Kiki Smith: I am a Wanderer
This short documentary about Kiki Smith showcases some images of her work and reveals her relationship to nature and life.

Stories cut from paper
In her TED talk, Beatrice Coron talks about her creative process as a paper cutter and how she weaves storytelling into every single cut. She includes images and footage unseen on her website

Angela Carter: Of Wolves & Women (2018)
I discovered this documentary while preparing for the course and it is absolutely wonderful. It covers Angela Carter’s wild imagination, her interpretive work with fairy tales and storytelling, and her own version of Little Red Riding Hood. It also includes appearances by Margaret Atwood, Salman Rusdhie, and Corinna Sargood who illustrated some of her books. For more information, here is a link to the BBC review of the documentary.