Resources G7 DES

1/ Color

2/ Typography

This website will help you recognise a font you like from a picture or pdf:

3/ Audience

Have an interview with your mom, cousin, etc. and find what they like. Record the interview or take screen shots. This will be your primary source.

4/ Paper artists

You can look at great paper artists for inspiration. I created a board here.

You can also look at the book Papercut (below), here.

5/ Paper types

You can do some research about different types of paper.

This is a good website for this.

6/ How to .. fold/cut/make origami?

It is nice to have some practical questions on how to do things. Your research can be just practicing how to make something you may want to include in the card. I created this collection on origami videos and techniques, but you can also find your own.

You can also look at this book: I love paper:

You can also look at this book on folding techniques:

Check and make sure your questions are diverse: