G9 Game on! B

Class 17 (9N 27th April, 9O&9L 28th April, 9Q 29th April)

1. Finish B4

Today you will have to finish B4 and ask any questions to the teacher.

2. Summative B+Resubmission A

Upload at the end of the class.

Class 16 (9N 22nd April, 9O&9Q 23rd April, 9L 26th April)

1. Individual comments

I will go around giving individual comments and suggestions to your designs.

2. Developing your idea in more detail, B4

Once you selected your best idea in the last class (B3) it is time to draw it in more detail) and make a list of all the requirements (tools and materials) that you will need to produce it in Criterion C. We will have 2 classes to work on this.

2.a Drawing in more detail

What do you need to include in your drawing: size, material and colors.

Some examples from last year:

Nicole Zha, 9K

Sophia Chen, 9K

Jessie Chen, 9K

2.b List of requirements

Examples from last year:

Nicole Zha, 9K

Sonic Liu, 9K

3. Uploading your work, next class

We will be uploading summative B and A resubmission (with changes indicated in another color) at the end of next class.

Class 15 (9N 19th April, 9o&9L 20th April, 9Q 21st April)

1. Choosing the best idea, B3

You have 4 different ideas for your game and you have created specifications. Use the table to help you choose but remember that the idea is that you end up producing a game you believe in.

Once you have compared, you will see where you have the NOs which are areas for improvement. The important part, and what you will be graded on, is the need to present your chosen game idea and justify its selection. Think of it as trying to convince your client of your thoughtful decision.

Class 14 (9N 13th April, 9O&9Q April 14th, 9L April 15th)

1. Student Led conferences (40 minutes)

We are going to spend the first 40 minutes of the class today to help you prepare for the Student led conferences next weekend (24-25th April). You will have to upload 2 pieces of Design work to your Portfolio on MB. I recommend you to pick the Design brief, A4 (or A1 in case your Design brief was not complete) and B2 the initial sketches for your project.

So this is how you will be naming your files:

  • SLC-2021-Design-Design brief
  • SLC-2021-Design-Initial ideas

After uploading your 2 files you will upload a 3rd file called the Reflection Piece. In order to do that you will go to these 40 reflection questions

You will choose 1 question of each section (backward, inward, outward and forward) and answer them in that file. This questions will allow you to prepare a conversation with your parents about the work you have done in Design so far.

  • SLC-2021-Design-Reflection

2. Finish working on your specifications, B1 (40 minutes)

Because we had this extra work to do for SLC, you will use the last 40 minutes to finish working on B1 in order to upload B1+B2 at the end of the class.

To get 7-8 on B1 you need 8-10 specifications.

Class 13 (9N 8th April, 9O&9L April 9th, 8K April 12th)

1. Checking grades on Managebac for T3

On your Term 3 report you will get the grade for Criteria A for this unit. And the grades for B, C, D for the previous unit.

You will also be graded on the ATL you uploaded last class. You can find your grade there.

2. Can I resubmit my work?

If your grade is a 0, 1, 2, 3 you can send me your work on Teams by Friday April 9th and I will regrade you. Please indicate your changes in a different color. 

If your grade is a 4 or more, you will need to wait until Summative B is due and upload your work in the same box. Please indicate your changes in a different color. 

3. Finish your 4th drawing (40 minutes)

Please finish your 4th drawing today and include the 4 in the task sheet, B2.

Make sure the drawings have:

  • what kind of game it is (card game, board game, etc…)
  • the concept you try to teach
  • clear drawings of the pieces you need to create
  • annotations (max 10 words) with indications on color, materials, etc.

4. Start working on the specifications (40 minutes)

Fill in this table in a very concise way. You can use bullet points or simple sentences. In the left column you will write what your photos need to have, in the right column you will indicate how do you know? where did you find that information.

ex. My game will be include bold graphics as colors as UNO has because it will be appealing for primary kids.  // UNO was the 2nd toy I investigated in A3

This is the table we will complete, it is the revised version of A3, based on what Ms Nicole Furutani shared with us.

Please check these examples to get a better idea on how concise you should be writing.

We will upload next class for a checkpoint B1 + B2 after the first 40 minutes. If you are not done, please complete it as homework.

Class 12 (9N April 1st, 9O&9Q April 6th, 9L April 7th)

Task 1: ATL (40 minutes)

Today we are going to do a little ATL activity. You can do it in any file. Just answer these 5 questions based on your understanding of your goal you are teaching. You will upload in the box prepared for that. This will be part of your T3 report grade (AE, ME, BE).

Task 2: Continue drawing your 4 options. One per page. With annotations.

Choose 4 ideas for the game and draw them big. The drawing can be really simple, like the examples below, but clear.

At the end of this class you should have completed 3 out of 4. If you haven’t please continue drawing over the weekend. We will have 40 minutes on class 13 to draw one more and we will upload.

Class 11 (9N March 29th, 9O&9L March 30th, 9Q March 31st)

Today we are going to start our Criterion B.

Task 1: Start developing ideas

During the next 80 minutes you are expected to develop ideas for your games.

  1. Decide on what kind of game you want to make (board game, videogame, card game, etc) and try to develop ideas for this kind of game
  2. Write in one sentence what do you want to teach the kids with this game.
  3. You can make small sketches such as a brainstorming, or go directly to the 4 big ones. It is up to you.

Task 2: Draw 4 options. One per page. With annotations.

Choose 4 ideas for the game and draw them big. The drawing can be really simple, like the examples below, but clear.

You will need to annotate (adding little descriptions on color, material, function, etc).  Annotations cannot be more than  10 words each.

This is an example I found:

This is another one:

This are some from Frank Du, last year’s class:

These are from Sarah Song: