Ghost Fishing

We often mention the importance of doing things for the environment. Little things make a difference, you write. But often, we become discouraged because we think our actions do not really matter.

However, last week I was fortunate to meet Raul Alvarez. He has an organization called ghost fishing that really makes a difference on the oceans by removing nets that were abandoned.

You can read here more about what he does. Raul will be part of this unit too. He is a professional diver, now in the Philippines, waiting for your questions. He is extremely nice so feel free to ask him anything about what he does or how he started. I would also like to tell you that he makes this as his personal project and as a commitment to the sea he loves and uses his own money to pay for the extraction expeditions. A real example. We are really fortunate to have him collaborate on this unit. You can use these questions as part of your research.

If you are interested in learning more about the organization you can visit their website. Or watch this introductory video to the problem.