Unit: Speak 3D, crit D

Criteria D, Evaluating

Part 1. Design a detailed relevant testing method, which generate data, to measure the success of the solution

Since we are evaluating the process as much as the final solution, we will test this project slightly different. You will end criteria C presenting your whole project to your classmates, and we will use that situation as a focus group. (You can read what a focus group is here). You will get one comment from each of your classmates and you will have to incorporate all their impressions into your final auto-evaluation.

Part 2. Critically evaluate the success of the solution against the design specification

With all the comments and your personal account of your process, it will be time for you to do a self-evaluation. You will have to evaluate your project against the design specifications (B1) and you will have to tell us about the main challenges and problems you encounter all throughout the project.

To do this evaluation you do not need to write a report. You can try something different. It could be a video, showing us the different parts of the project. It can be a presentation. It’s up to you.
Part 3. Explain how the solution could be improved

Part 4. Explain the impact of the solution on the client/target audience.

Part 3 and part 4 can also be included in the report/video/presentation you do for your self-evaluation.

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You can find here the overall schedule for the unit.

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